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Mano a Mano and Gambling

Sports gambling has become such a huge hit in many countries, including Philippines. People gamble on basketball, baseball, horesereaces, or in any other sports that they can bet on, like boxing.

It seems that the greater the sporting event is, the more people want to gamble on it. Take for example basketball, people are more interested in NBA Finals, that is why more gambling people are active during that season.

It is undeniable that the recently concluded Mano a Mano is one of the biggest events in boxing history. Held in the Philippines, it promised to be the next best boxing event that happened in that land, after the Thrilla in Manila. The ringside tickets cost a heft 30,000 pesos, which is to prove just how big this event was. Undoubtedly, gambling players kept pouring in to place their bets.

Manny Pacquiao, most popularly known as the Pacman, or the people's champ, was heavily favored in that fight. The majority of the gambling players knew that he was going to win, mainly because he had more experience in that level than his opponent, Larios, is.

This is why a lot of gambling players bet on Pacquiao winning the fight, resulting to outrageous bets. Did you know that if you bet a thousand dollars on Pacquiao, you will win only two hundred dollars? That is how great the odds for him was.

Because of that, there are other gambling players who took the risk and bet on larios instead. If you bet on Larios, and he won, you would get a much higher prize than when you would have in Pacquiao.

There were also other gambling procedures in that fight, which were also evident in other fights. Since it was rather obvious that the Pacman would win, it would just be a matter of which round the fight will be finished. Gambling players mostly bet on the sixth round, because the Pacman usually knocks out his opponent during round number six.

Some gambling fans also bet on whether he will be able to knockout Larios, or will it be technicals' or judges' decision. There were certainly a lot of gambling activities that fans could enjoy during this game, which made the fight all the more exciting.

Mano a Mano was indeed a glorious day for boxing and gambling fans alike. For those who bet on Larios and lost, watching this big event is enough to compensate for the loss.