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BetOnSports Bettors Seek Refund

Bettors in Bet On Sports online gambling site are seeking a refund of their money.

After the U.S. judge issued a temporary restraining order, the companies online site closed down on July 19 and recently announced that the company is shutting down its offices.

The restraining order had blocked access on all bettor accounts for U.S. residents.

Almost all the bets had come from U.S residents. Before February 2005, the online site had seventy one thousand active gamblers which had placed more than nine million bets.

U.S prosecutors said that the bets are from American basketball, baseball and football.

According to Bet On Sports executives, the pronouncement of U.S prosecutors had made the payment processors like Neteller and FirePay cancel their business dealings with the company making it harder to refund.

Bet On Sports is facing twenty two counts of indictment charges of tax evasion and racketeering in St. Louis District court.

David Carruthers, the former chief executive officer of Bet On Sports, is still in jail after he was arrested in Dallas.

Aside from Carruthers, ten other executives had been indicted including the founder Gary Kaplan, who until now is still on the loose.

The U.S government is seeking the forfeiture of more than four billion dollars, cars and computers of the company.